Who is Hihome?

Hihome is a trade-mark and registered company in the Saudi chamber of commerce, registration number 1010601502. We are here to provide cultural experience through eating with locals in Saudi Arabia .

What is my duty as a host with Hihome?

Your duty as a host is to show your guest the hospitality of your culture and invite your guest to have a traditional meal at your home or farm.

I am a female and I can’t welcome males at my home, can I be a host with Hihome?

Yes, you can add this remark on your page when you register with Hihome.

Home much should I expect to be paid from being a host with Hihome?

It depends on demand, the more good reviews you get the better your chances will be to get more guests. Prices are set by you as a host.

What‘s the price range I should require for being a host?

The recommended range is 250-500 SAR per person.

Do I need to have a traditional place at home to be a host with Hihome?

No, however, some guests might prefer visiting a host who has a traditional place.

What type of food should I serve?

Traditional food or a dish that you think your house make it in a unique way!

Should the food be home made or I can get it from a restaurant?

As a main goal for Hihome is to create an authentic cultural experience at homes, therefore, food is preferred to be homemade.

I can’t welcome guests at my home, may I host them at a rented place outside my home?

No, Hihome aims to create an authentic cultural experience at homes or private farms.

Can I host gusts to sleep at my house through hihome?

No, hihome is a platform to only book eating experiences with locals.

At what time should I expect guest to come?

Guests welcoming time is set by the host. It should be on your page when you register with Hihome and it could be breakfast, Lunch or dinner time.

How long will the guests stay with me?

3 hours on average but you can set the preferred times in your profile.

How many guests can I welcome at a time?

It is up to you and the capacity of your home. But It is recommended to have no more than 4 guests per host. However, If a family member or a friend will be there with you, it will help you with bigger numbers.

I can’t speak foreign languages, can I still be a host with Hihome?

Yes, you can add this remark on your page when you register with Hihome.

What topics am I allowed to speak about and what topics not to speak about?

Quite general topics, it depends on the guests interests. You should avoid discussing political and controversial topics.

How much percentage does Hihome take more than the host?

Hihome percentage is 33%, which is added to the price the host adds. And the final amount is paid by the guest.