Hijazi history through my art-work

Experience hosted by عبدالعزيز الحبشي




Committed To Safety

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Up to 10 people


Private House

What you will do
Welcome guests to my home, where I turn some space into my one workshop that contains some sculptures of cafes, shops, and houses. ‏Made from recycled pieces, which took years to build to show the daily life and culture in old Hijazi culture, each design has a story and unique name for people I know who have beautiful memories with me. During the experience, I will serve traditional Saudi hospitality.
introduction about your host

My name is Abdul Aziz Al-Habashi I'm a retired agricultural engineer ، I own a workshop at my home ‏I made unique art pieces of the Hijazi House, such as Al-Barha and Al-Hara, which shows the daily life and culture in Mecca and Jeddah region in the past days. Also I'm interested in carpentry, agriculture, painting and music

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10 seats

Price 148.00 SAR (per person)

Total: 148.00 SAR

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